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jayplaying2gAnnouncement: I’m updating my two websites, JayKauffman.com and Artofguitar.net.

Jaykauffman.com will be the site for presenting me as an artist and performer, including all of my compositions, arrangements scores, recordings, and so on. But for now many of the links you click on jaykauffman.com will be automatically redirected to my teaching site  Art of Guitar,

Just for fun and adventure:
Play the Game of Thrones Theme

Game of Thrones has one of the most rousing and memorable themes ever written for a TV show. I’ve arranged it for 2 guitars here, and created versions for intermediate and beginner-level players.
In the intermediate-level melody part, you’ll get the chance to work in a “bite-size” way on four of the most important expressive tools in the classical guitar toolkit—including tremolo.
The beginner part is much easier, but remains fun and adventurous without venturing far past first position!
Both parts are equipped with several practice videos where you can play along with me at full and “rehearsal” tempo, and a set of video tips for getting the most out of working on this piece.

If you would like free access to the parts (and tabs) to learn and play the Game of Thrones melody (by Ramin Djawadi) along with me, at full tempo and rehearsal tempo, sign up for my Art of Guitar Newsletter in the box at the upper right! (or at the end of the above video) If you’re already a subscriber, check your email–they’ll be coming your way.

The Eine Kleine Challenge:

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik arranged for Solo Guitar

They said it couldn’t be done, but they were wrong. Here’s the first movement of Mozart’s most famous orchestral serenade transformed into a lively (& challenging) piece of of concert guitar repertoire.

You can purchase the score here:



Free Sheet Music/Tabs: William Tell Overture for Solo Intermediate Classical Guitar

I’m working on a full-fledged advanced version of this, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, look in your inbox (Art of Guitar Members) and have fun with this arrangement!

How do I get this score?

If you’re not a member of my Art of Guitar Newsletter sign up in the form to the upper right, and you’ll get links to this score (with optional tabs) plus links to other free content and downloads.

Note: to view this video in full screen, double-click anywhere on the video. Press the “escape” button, or double-click again to go back to normal view. All videos are viewable on iphones & other smartphones, ipads and other tablet devices)

I’ve started up a series of Online Classical Guitar Lessons. My goal is to make them every bit as useful as a studio guitar lesson, while also offering a number of things I can’t offer in a single, live lesson:

These online classical guitar lessons are as complete as I can make them for you: They include:

  • Classical Guitar Sheet Music (downloads in pdf format) with all the parts–so you can play or perform them with a teacher or another guitarist—or with me in the videos provided.
  • Classical Guitar Tabs for each piece. (also downloads in pdf format)
  • Measure by measure “How To Play” Guitar Videos—with detailed technical, fingering, musical and practicing tips
  • Split screen, multi-cam views of the left and right hand, along with live on screen visuals of the score being discussed.
  • Play-Along Videos at Rehearsal Tempo and at Full Tempo, so you can practice your part with me slo-o-o-o-owly, and then try it out full-speed ahead, as you progress..

Recent Lessons:

How To Play Bach’s Bourrée in E Minor

Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

For Beginners, click the link below to view the lesson:

A Mozart Classic for Beginning Classical Guitar

For Intermediate Players, click on the link below to go to the lesson:

Allegro from Eine Kleine Nachtmusic arranged for Intermediate Classical Guitar Duet

 Check out the Full Tempo Rehearsal Video (Intermediate Classical Guitar Version)