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About Me:

I’ve been playing and performing classical guitar for nearly 40 years.  I grew up in India and the Philippines. In the early 90s I found myself in New York City for the first time, getting a graduate degree in performance at the Juilliard School of Music. By now I’ve lived in Manhattan long enough to fool most people into thinking me a native, not that that’s ever my intention. I created this website to share and showcase my compositions, arrangements, performances and occasional other stuff. My “official” bio is here.  If you live on the Upper West Side, drop in to Kuro Kuma coffee shop sometime around 10 AM and chances are you’ll run into me!

 Island One: Milonga

Blast from the past! This is one of my first Youtube videos. The mic is placed so you can hear the guitar, not the voice:)  You can purchase the score here.

(note: there’s typo in the first 5 seconds of this video—it’s Island #1, not #3, of course.)

J.S. Bach’s Prelude, from the Cello Suite BWV 1007: A repertoire course on my Art of Guitar website.

This is a “contemplative” interpretation of the prelude, inspired in part by the lute and harpsichord tradition of playing and composing improvisatory, unmeasured preludes—sometimes even used as a way to tune the lute. It was literally the first thing I played upon picking up the guitar that morning, and although I didn’t use the prelude to tune the instrument, it was a way to tune myself to the instrument and to the music.

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